Our Team

Four core BCDA teams work together to support the study and improvement of education practice:

User Experience/Design (UX)

The BCDA user experience team focuses on user-centered design to make information resources readily accessible. The team strives to create engaging, interactive, and informative experiences for users through careful research and testing. They draw upon expertise from diverse fields of research as well as make continued efforts to collect and learn from user feedback. The UX team works closely with other BCDA teams to plan and implement new site designs and applications.

Systems Development

The systems development team oversees the development, implementation and maintenance of the digital archive system. The system development team works closely with the UX team to plan, design, test and build efficient, user-friendly systems. Together, the two teams strive to create tools that are tailored for users of the digital archive within an intuitive online environment.

User Education

The BCDA user education team develops educational materials, tools, and experiences to support the ongoing learning of archive users. This includes orienting new users to their role and responsibilities as members of the BCDA community. The team is also committed to providing clear and accurate documentation, resources, and best practices to help individuals and groups use the archive for education and research.

Collections Development

The collections development team oversees the planning for and development of BCDA collections. A core part of this team’s work is processing collections and preparing them for integration into the archive. This includes developing inventories, performing careful checks of the materials, standardizing and refining associated metadata, and converting to file formats that are easily accessed and viewed by BCDA users. The team also strives to improve ways to document teaching and learning practices and to create useful and usable collections.