About the Archive

Digital Archive of Teaching and Learning Practices

The Brandon Center Digital Archive (BCDA) houses collections of multimedia records that capture many facets of teaching and learning practice. Records that are accessible via the online archive include videos of classroom teaching, recordings of content area interviews with students, and work samples from students and teachers. BCDA collections are often created as part of a specific research and development effort but, in addition to meeting the immediate needs of these projects, the collections are carefully planned to allow for re-purposing and re-use by others in the future. The BCDA makes these records available to the broader professional community providing a rich resource for practicing teachers and pre-service teachers, education leaders, teacher educators, professional developers, researchers, and other education professionals.

Services for Creating Collections

The Brandon Center Digital Archive team provides consulting and training to help individuals and groups develop digital collections focused on education contexts and practices. The BCDA also produces, processes, enhances, and publishes such collections through partnerships with other groups and organizations.

Resources for Studying and Improving Practice

The Brandon Center Digital Archive has dedicated professionals who seek to develop best practices, systems, and supports for working with digital records of teaching and learning practices. As part of this effort, the BCDA team produces and collects technical papers, educational materials, research reports, annotated bibliographies, recordings of seminars and presentations, and other resources related to the creation and use of such records.